Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The New Addition To Our Family

We have several cats that roam around our neighborhood. All are feral and won't let you near them, except one. She is very lovable, and I am guessing at some point and time was an indoor cat. Although she visits all the neighbors, she has always seemed to like our back porch the most. About 6 weeks ago we noticed that she was starting to get a tad bit wider, and figured she would be having kittens. My husband, who was not a big fan of her presence in the first place, was even more unhappy to see that she was expecting. Well, Easter morning when I went outside I saw evidence that she had went into labor. I figured I would look for her the next day, as I did not want to disturb the birthing process. The next day I looked around, but was unsuccessful at finding her. Two more days came and went before she finally showed herself. My oldest daughter followed her to a car in our neighbors yard across the street. She could hear the kittens, but could not see them, because of a tarp that covered the car. This should have been a relief to us, especially my husband, as we did not want the burden of having to foster these kittens until we could find them homes. However, a sense of relief was not what we were feeling. I am sure we were all a little hurt by the fact that she did not choose our home. I couple more days passed, and it was exactly one week since the kittens had been born. I went outside to do some yard work and heard the kittens crying, but not in the direction of the car, instead the sound was coming from our back porch. I raced upstairs to see if my ears were deceiving me. Nope, there they were, in a box on the back porch. Momma must have moved them overnight. I went in to tell my husband of our new addition, sure that he was going to be angry. To my surprise he grabbed two bowls, filled one with cat food, the other with water and took it straight out to her. There was the kindhearted  man I fell in love with. I love when a manly man shows his softer side.

The kittens are now three weeks old, there is two females and four males, and to my surprise we have already found homes for them when they are ready. We at least have five more weeks with them. Which is good because my family is completely in love with them. We spend lots of time on the back porch just watching them.

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  1. My heart is melty!!!!! We have 3 indoor cats now. Our "baby" we adopted from a no-kill rescue almost a year ago. She literally reached out for me and I couldn't help but fall in love.
    And so did my husband!
    Thank you for sharing at Tuesdays with a Twist! You made my day!