Monday, February 4, 2013

Our Valentine's Day Tree

My absolute favorite thing about Christmas, is the tree. Every year my grandmother would get me a few Christmas ornaments which she saved in a box. When I moved into my first apartment she gave me that box full of wonderful Christmas memories. My grandmother has been gone for many years now, and I still miss her terribly, but it is wonderful to be able to put those ornaments on the tree every year and remember such a wise and beautiful women. 
I am always thankful when the Christmas season is finally over, but taking down the tree is always hard for me. This year my children started to protest  that we should keep the tree up year round. As I was removing the decorations, I thought, why not? What a great tradition to start, and I do love the glow of the lights on the tree at night. I went and gathered up some scrapbook paper, felt, and ribbon and made some cute ornaments, and garland for the tree. The pine cones were already on the tree, and I liked them, so I just left them on. It was a fun family experience, and the kids are very proud of the tree. I can't wait for Easter! 

Do you have any unique family traditions?


  1. How fun! I kept a couple of my Christmas ornaments out hanging on hooks on a mirror in my living room because I couldn't put them away. :)
    Stopping by and a new follower from GFC hop. Have a great day!!

  2. Fun. I threaten this every year, because I love my Christmas tree so much. Common sense wins out in the end and I take it down, but who know knows? Maybe I will start a holiday tree... :)

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