Monday, November 11, 2013

Six Ways To Save Money On Your Electric Heating Bill

Today I wanted to share with you some ways you can save on your heating bill this winter. We have electric baseboard heat throughout our house, and the electric bill during the winter months can get pretty hefty. I am  not a professional of any kind. I just want to share with you the simple things we do around our house that helps keep to our heating cost down.

1.) Pick a temperature that is comfortable with you, and never turn your heat up above that. With us, our baseboard heaters have the thermostat right on the heater, and we never turn ours above medium. For some in might be an actual temperature like 68 degrees.

2.) If a room is not going to be in use for the day, turn the heat down to low, and close the door. Also remember to do this at night before you go to bed.

3.) If you have ceiling fans, reverse them so the air is being pulled up. This helps distribute the warm air around the room. Make sure the fan is on the lowest setting possible. We keep ours on all day and night.

4.) If you have electric heat, I am assuming you have an electric dryer as well. If you do, then you definitely need to invest in one of these - Dundas Jafine Heat Keeper Kit With 2 Clamps (Amazon) - We have had this vent on our dryer for about three years, and I love it. In the winter you flip the lever to allow the warm air to be vented into the house, instead of outside. Our dryer is located in our upstairs bathroom. When I do the laundry, I open all the bedroom doors, and it heats up the entire level of that house. That is if someone has not taken advantage of the nice warm bathroom and hopped in the shower.

5.) If you are cold, don't turn up the heat, put something warmer on. In this house we own lots of fleece - pants, tops, pajamas, socks, and robes. Even our sheets are fleece.

6.) This one might seem a little silly, but I do a lot of baking. I am NOT recommending that you turn your oven on to heat up the house. What I am suggesting is hitting two birds with one stone. I like to make a lot of baked goods, casseroles, etc, and then store them in the freezer for summer. You know that time of year when the last thing you want to do is turn on anything that might give off the tiniest bit of heat.

Do you have any tips that help save you money on your heating bill?

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