Saturday, October 19, 2013

Great Maternity T-Shirts For Thanksgiving. and Amazon have some really cute Maternity Thanksgiving t-shirts available. I have also provided links to all other items. I only use clothing, shoes, and accessories from stores that I know and trust.

Don't forget to follow My Crafty Collections Board to make sure to get all my latest sets. I do fashion sets for women, maternity, plus-size, and kids. I only use items that are still available and from stores you are familiar with. No more clicking on a link only to find out that there is no information available, or you are unsure of the stores that are being promoted.

Lil' Turkey
Maternity Outfit - Lil' Turkey

Lil' Turkey Maternit T-shirt Maternity $35 - Available in 3 different colors.
H&M Maternity Jeans - $39.95 - Dark Denim Wash
Target Maternity Cardigan  - $29.99 - Available in three different colors.
Target Mid-Bucket Handbag - $29.99
Payless Zane Riding Boot - $49.99
Piperlime Scarf  - $44.00 - Available in blue also.

Happy Turkey Day!
Maternity Outfit - Happy Turkey Day!

Happy Turkey Day T-Shirt - $35 - Available in white only.
Old Navy Cozy Boots - $44.95 - Available in four different colors.
Old Navy Tassel Bag - $24.94 - Available in four different colors.
Piperlime Scarf - $44.00
Target Maternity Cardigan  - $24.99 - Available in black or grey.
Maternity Pants - $24.95

Thankful Turkey
Maternity Outfit - Thankful Turkey

Thankful Turkey T-Shirt - $35 - Available in white only
TOMS Classic Canvas  - $48
H&M Maternity Straight Jeans - $39.95
Piperlime - Michael Kors Scarf - $68
Kohl's Zigzag purse - $105.00
Target Cardigan  - $29.99 - Available in four different colors.

Gobble Gobble
Maternity Outfit - Gobble Gobble

Gobble Gobble T-Shirt - $35 - Available in white only.
Old Navy Flats - $22.94
Old Navy Maternity Cardi  - $42.94 -
Old Navy Maternity Skinny Jeans - $34.50
Kohl's Crossbody Bag - $49.00
Wet Seal Necklace - $10.50 - Available in silver or gold.

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