Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Women's Outfit - Plaid & Burlap

There are two things that I love about a classic plaid button down shirt. One, I graduated in the 90's when plaid was huge. I am pretty sure that I wore a plaid shirt, tank top, jeans, and boots everyday of my teen life. So, even though I am sad that I am old enough to have a clothing trend that was popular when I was teen become popular again. I really do love the look, and I am glad to see it back in style. Second, country is also a popular trend right now, and well I am country. I love to see the plaid shirts, boots, leather messenger bags, and turquoise jewelry popping up all over the place. Makes me feel all warm and happy!
The plaid shirt in this set can be found at The North Face and comes in a variety of colors. I choose a pair of blue flower earrings from Etsy. Not only are the earrings just $5, but they really add a nice feminine touch to this outfit. Next are the burlap wedge shoes from Toms. And, nothing says country more than burlap! I kid, but these shoes are amazing. To finish off this look throw on some jeans, and add an orange satchel. What do you think of the current country trend?

Plaid & Burlap

The North Face - Plaid Shirt - $60
Etsy - Flower Earrings  -$5
Toms - Burlap Wedge Shoe - $84
H&M - Jeans - $29.95

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