Monday, September 9, 2013

Five Great Fall Maternity Outfits

Here are some great fall maternity outfits that are stylish and affordable. Two things you want when dressing the baby bump. The clothes themselves can be found from stores you know and love, including Target, H&M, and Old Navy. You will notice in each set that I try to stick with flats. As your baby bump grows, your feet are going to swell, and your balance may be off. Trust me, you are going to want to be wearing items that are comfortable.

Which outfit is your favorite?

Black & Pink 

Maternity Outfit - Black & Pink

Navy & Floral 
Maternity Outfit - Navy & Floral

Sweater & Boots 
Maternity Outfit - Sweater & Boots

Tunic & Leggings 
Maternity Outfit - Tunic & Leggings

Comfy Sweater & Jeans 
Comfy Sweater & Jeans

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